International Spring Auction
26 - 27 March 2021


Terttu Östermans Large Gold collection of Finland
”The Norsemen Collection” Pakke-Porto part 2
Classic Sweden & Denmark
Mats Gustafssons Gold collection Large Official Stamps
International classic issues

PDF Result List
25-26 September 2020

The list of prices realized is now available as a PDF file! Click the image above to view it or right-click and "save as..." to download the file.

Upcoming Facit catalogues 2020-2021

A lot has happened in the more than seven decades that have passed since the publication of the very first Facit catalogue. FACIT 1948 featured 256 black-and-white pocket-sized pages. Today's lineup features four different catalogues, three of which are in full colour, two are hardbound and the number of pages are almost ten times as high, 2448 in total.

Work on the upcoming catalogues are progressing nicely. FACIT Postal X will be presented this year, five years after the previous edition. It's also time for a new edition of FACIT Sverige which is published every two years. FACIT Special Classic and FACIT Norden will both be published in 2021.

The current publication schedule is:

  • FACIT Postal X - available now!
  • FACIT Sverige 2021 - available now!
  • FACIT Special Classic 2022 - scheduled to be published in spring 2021
  • FACIT Norden 2022 - scheduled to be published in autumn 2021

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Postiljonen arranges international stamp auctions twice a year. Rare stamps and covers, genuine collections and larger lots are offered.

Stamps and covers from the entire world are always wanted for our auctions. Minimum trade value of a few hundred Euro each lot. We are also cash buyers.

Tel. +46 40 25 88 50

Terttu Österman's
Large Gold collection of Finland
27 March 2021


Fakes, Forgeries & Experts Journal #20

Fakes, Forgeries & Experts Journal is back with an excellent new issue. FFE is published by Postiljonen and has become an appreciated working tool at international exhibitions. In this issue there are 19 articles dealing with classic material but also with modern types of forgeries.

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